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architecture, education and society

são paulo,brazil                        research                        2020-2021

what is the educational space? how does space contribute to the educational process?

these were the questions that guided the production of the report "neighborhood plan: an 'educational path" for educational and educating territories ", presented as the final report for the postgraduation course "architecture, education and society", held between 2020-21 at escola da cidade. the postgraduation course aims to articulate the themes of the field of architecture with pedagogy, presenting tools for architecture teachers. in this way, the study proposes to present a methodology that addresses a theoretical framework along with the practice of the discipline “neighborhood plan: school, territory and participatory process”, taught at the same institution in the second semester of 2021, based on the following structure:

1. theory

 - educational and educationg territories

- the neighborhood plan: instrument for the educational territory

- other experiences: the neighborhood plan of jardim lapenna

- other experiences: the neighborhood plano f jardim pantanal

2. the practice -the neighborhood plan of parque residencial cocaia

- participatory methodology: “the educational path”

- the starting point: “our voices”

- co-creating: the technical and participatory diagnosis

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