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open government agents 2019

         são paulo brazil                     action              2019

são paulo city hall's “open government agents” program aims to disseminate the principles of the “open government partnership” - transparency, innovation, participation and integrity -, an international initiative adopted by the city and included in its goals plan. for the 2019 edition, the proposed workshop was “mapping educational territories” , which included the category “mapping and citizen participation” , being held in various public facilities in the city, such as district halls, houses of culture, ceus, among others. 
the training was structured in three phases: in the first, concepts of hegemonic and counter-hegemonic mapping were addressed; in the second, the idea of “educational territory” was introduced through a collective mapping, where participants were invited to point out areas of interest on education on the map; in the third phase, mapping platforms (google maps, wikiloc, qgis) and open data (geosampa) were presented, providing the participants with instruments to create a map.  


in são paulo open - secretary of international relations of the city of são paulo

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