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on the margins of education

           são paulo brazil          research         2019

final graduation work (tfg)  presented to the faculty of architecture and urbanism of the university of são paulo (fau-usp), in december/2019 under the guidance of prof. dr. karina leitão.

the work starts from the question “what is the space of education?” , looking for answers in two ways - the historical process of são paulo's production of educational space. therefore it is proposed to analyze the school production in the city of são paulo , understanding the relationship of these schools with the neighborhood and the city, while analyzing this issue from the narrative built by the youth from of bororé , a space located in the south in grajaú, são paulo, brazil, on the banks of the billings dam. with great involvement in the community and its participation in the educational process, the adrião bernardes school, a state school located on the bororé, is the starting point of the project. in the end, from the stories that emerge from the bororé and from the desires of its inhabitants, the educational space is observed from the elements “the school, the street, the square” .

orientation karina leitão

photos by sofia tomic

proofreading by pedro lang

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