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Bororé neighborhood-educator

 bororé is a neighborhood located in the extreme south of the city of sao paulo, brazil, on the banks of the billings dam. among many layers that  compound this territory, the educational dynamics proved to be an unique layer. the activities proposed by the adrião bernardes state school , which presents itself as an “open school”, the agroecological experiences proposed by the environmental art-education collective “casa ecoativa”, the graffiti that tell the history of the neighborhood made by the collective "imargem ”, the sailing classes of the collective “meninos da billings” , the dynamics of this territory show that education is not just inside the school.
it was from this territory that the “bororé memorial” project was developed, with gemap (fau-usp’s group of maps) and the tfg “at the margins of education”, in which the comprehension of the educational territory emerged from three elements : the school, the street, the square . this research started a participatory project with the community , in order to consolidate the renovation of a square and the sidewalk of the main road.

stages of the square design:
1. organizational meetings with the community
2. feasibility study
3. collective effort 1
  - cleaning and activation (garden and soccer field construction)
4. meeting and task force 2 - project study in mock-up and in loco
5. preliminary design

the project aims to propose, through urban intervention, elements that can further enhance the relationships that constitute bororé as an educating neighborhood.

partnership with casa ecoativa, amib (association of residents of bororé), and adrião bernardes state school

participation in the project - organization of workshops, meetings with the community, conception and execution of drawings, models and post-production.


project selected to compose the platform "early childhood in cities in brazil and latin america" of the institute of brazilian architects (IAB) and the bernard van leer foundation (FBvL), in partnership with the panamerican federation of associations of architects (FPAA), agrupación arquitectura y niñez de américa (ANDA) and the architecture & children program of the international union of architects (UIA)

to access platform:

São Paulo Brazil             architecture           In progress

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