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necktie culture house

orienteering antonio carlos barossi             São Paulo Brazil             architecture           2015

the project is a proposal for a house of culture , a program by the city of são paulo, in the central region . the region, with a wide range of institutional and private services, presents, on the other hand, intense independent cultural activity . In this context, the cultural house on Gravataí Street is proposed as a free space for appropriation by these collectives , in order to strengthen independent culture and disconnect production from a restricted elite.  


the gravataí axis, which connects roosevelt square to augusta park , symbolizes the clash between interests: the square, a space for independent culture agents, and the park, a space claimed by collectives as an urban park as opposed to the construction of a complex of buildings. private housing. the culture house, inserted in the axis, allows the meeting and articulation of the interests of those who fight for public spaces and for the construction of these through culture.


the ground floor of the culture house has a semi-public character, so that its central structure, the arena theater , acquires the characteristic of a transition space, being an internal square of free appropriation, in addition to allowing its use for presentations and debates. cultural activity is seen as a political action. Thus, the political history of this structure is symbolically retaken, which inserts, through the theatrical act, influence in the public environment, in a reflexive and potentially transforming way. 

this centrality also makes it possible for meetings and discussions to take place among users, in order to acquire a potential organization in tension to create an internal management that responds to the real  demands. It is inserted in this way, through space, that the articulation between the agents can be transformed into a  participatory management policy through management councils,  walking along with the dynamics of space.

project presented to the fauusp project iv discipline

participation in the project - conception and execution of drawings, models and post-production.

skills developed - use of autocad, illustrator, sketchup, vray, photoshop; reading and systematization of the needs program.

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