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rural sustainable housing

                  -                       architecture           2017

based on the theme “living in the future” (wohnen in der zukunft), the project presents answers that seek self-sufficiency in the residence in times when environmental issues become increasingly on the agenda.

the project was presented for the discipline Raumgestaltung (in german, “raum” is space, “gestaltung” means organization) at the university of siegen. the study of elements , stage  methodological approach of the raumgestaltung, determined water as a central component of living in the future . therefore, the project was designed for tropical areas, where water would be captured by the roof and directed to a central storage system. through a gap between the glass and the wall at the entrance, it is possible to see its movement . after use, the water passes through a sewage treatment system before reaching the water, a technology known as 'wetland system', where ornamental plants are used in this treatment.

also an aspect for self-sufficiency, solar panels were placed on the roof and the residence has a system of openings for natural ventilation and light.

The residence is structured in two nuclei : the private/open space, represented by the living room and kitchen, and the private/closed, represented by the bedroom, bathroom and mezzanine.

The internal spaces were designed with the aim of having the external elements as part of the composition. in this way, water and vegetation are present in all environments.

the private/open and private/closed sectors are designed to meet every resident's needs. the central block , which concentrates all the systems related to water, is the hydraulic block of the residence and the link between the spheres. the goal is to have water as a link - seen in all spheres as part of the composition.

ulrich exner orientation

project presented to universität siegen, germany

participation in the project - conception and execution of drawings, models and images.

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