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institute of cities

            sao paulo,brazil             architecture           2016

over the course of a year, several university extension activities were carried out together with unifesp , which included monitoring pedagogical meetings and field visits . the project presented is a proposal that consolidated this research.

in the context of the expansion of federal universities (reuni, 2007), unifesp began a process of implementing new campuses. In the perspective of responding a historical demand of the movements of sao paulo's east side zone for public higher education, it was decided to implement the 'institute of cities' in the region.


the generating theme “cities” has great potential in the articulation of several courses due to its complexity and scope. In this way, the courses proposed for the 'institute of cities' are: civil engineering, environmental/sanitary engineering, transport engineering, architecture and urbanism, design, geography (bachelor's and licentiate), tourism and public administration.

the project's land, facing jacu-pêssego avenue on the one hand, and an area of farms on the other, has two plateaus and three buildings that housed the activities of an old metallurgical industry .


with the cut of funds, the progress of the project was affected. in this way, an economic alternative was sought here that could make the beginning of pedagogical activities more viable - the renovation and adaptation of the industrial warehouses.


the project has two construction stages: the construction of a mezzanine in a metallic structure and the renovation of the sheds. the independent metallic structure was allocated in order to unite the two buildings through the mezzanine. in relation to the renovation, it is proposed to change the fence, replace the roof and improve the floor.  


the ground floor houses classrooms, laboratories, workshops and an experimental site. the mezzanine, the thematic offices - workshops where the courses develop together an work around a theme.

with labproj fauusp in partnership with unifesp campus east side

alexandre delijaicov orientation

with susan ritschel and eduardo radomysler

scholarship to learn with culture and usp extension (2015-2016)

pictures of susan ritschel

project developed in the fau-usp culture and extension program.

participation in the project - participation in meetings, project design, execution of plans and sections.

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