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landart hittisau

           hittisau, austria                     action          2017

as a member of the collective of architects and students au34 arbeitsgemeinschaft , we held a workshop at the university of siegen, in the city of hittisau, austria. called “landart hittisau”, the workshop proposed, for a period of one week, the study of the materiality of a space, bordered by a river in the middle of the begrenz forest .

in order to carry out an intervention in the space respecting the original materiality, we were invited to propose, through art, the evidence of its constituent elements. the group thus chose a tree trunk that had been dragged by the river and fixed to the natural island created by the stones. thus, the path became an important narrative, evidenced by the displacement of stones.

with collective au34, sibel tekin and melanie kasuch

photos by ulrich exner and heloisa ribeiro

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