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neighborhood plan: school, territory and participatory process

são paulo,brazil                             urban planning                 2021

during the second semester of 2021, the discipline neighborhood plan: school, territory and participatory process was taught at escola da cidade. the course was held in partnership with gt education and territory of br cidades, and had the aim to develo a neighborhood plan for parque residencial cocaia neighborhood, grajaú, south zone of sao paulo. the padre josé pegoraro school was established as a focus for the development of the community plan and articulation, seeking not only to carry out a diagnosis and proposals for the neighborhood, but also constituting a process of urban pedagogy in this context.

participation as responsable professor for the discipline

in escola da cidade, with br cidades, padre josé pegoraro school, emau base (model office of architecture and urbanism of escola da cidade) and fábrica escola de humanidades


final report presented to the postgraduate course "architecture, education and society" of escola da cidade, reporting the experience:

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