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lessons in the square

the “lessons in the square” project is carried out in jardim gaivotas, grajaú, in the extreme south of são paulo. with the aim of reconstituting a space on the banks of the billings dam as a pedagogical space for experiences outside school walls, the project develops actions with the state school benedito célio de siqueira, to give new meaning to the space and the surrounding territory, as well as to collectively constitute sustainable interventions. in the first semester of 2023, the following experiences were carried out:

workshop 01 - see, hear, feel the territory

workshop 02 - thinking and representing the territory

workshop 03 - getting to know who we are (visit to the kalipety indigenous territory)

workshop 04 - invent a world

with gemap and imargem association
CNPq financing (national council for scientific and technological development)

são paulo, brazil        urbanism          in progress

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