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räume bilden - "to form spaces, spaces that form"

             germany                     research          2017

in an academic research exchange at the university of siegen, germany, a research was developed for the program “räume bilden: forming spaces, spaces that form” focusing on the study of the architecture of educational and cultural spaces in the state of nordrhein-westfalen. therefore, architectural drawings were collected and visits were made to these places. the state is characterized by the country's industrial hub along the ruhr river, the 'ruhrgebiet' , with many old factories re-adapted for cultural and educational use.

finally, the material collected was organized for the collection of the fau-usp project lab ( labproj ) and a project was chosen to include the final report of activities: the volkwang library , in the city of essen .

alexandre delijaicov orientation

with university of sao paulo and universität siegen

capes-daad financing  

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