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I am an urban planner and architect, working in the planning of infrastructure and public facilities, focusing on urban mobility, developing participatory projects and plans, on sustainability and energy transition. I am currently project coordinator at the aromeiazero institute, coordinating the 'more bike parking stations' project.

I am also a master's student in urban planning at fauusp (2021-), where I graduated in architecture and urbanism (2019), with an academic and research exchange at the university of siegen, germany (2016-2017).

​as a teacher, I worked at the city's school, being responsible for the discipline "neighborhood plan: school, territory and participatory processes", having also worked as an assistant professor of urbanism subjects and in training through the open government agents program, in são paulo  city ​​hall.

as a researcher, I carried out researches at the institute of brazilian architects, gemap (study group in urban mapping of fauusp), at labproj (fauusp project's lab) and siegen university.


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