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11th são Paulo architecture biennale

            são paulo, brazil                     action          2017

during the second semester of 2017, the “cenários pedagógicos” group carried out several activities together with the school Infante dom henrique, located in canindé, sao paulo, with the aim of analyzing the spatial dynamics of that territory. every month, there were weekly meetings of the neighborhood group, which brought together different institutions around the discussion of the neighborhood and its problems.

the activity proposed for the xi biennial of architecture of são paulo was called  "from the schoolyard to the territory",  and brought together the neighborhood collectives around a large puzzle of the region in a dynamic that pointed, by mapping, to relevant localities, places of affection and fear . the meeting was open to the public at the biennial, enabling exchanges between urban agents of the city.

in addition to carrying out the activity, the collective “cenários pedagógicos” developed graphic support material.

with cenários pedagógicos for the xi biennial of architecture of são paulo

coordination: bia goulart

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